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Behind the Scenes​



Patricia Williams-Dugueye is a performing artist who works on projects in the acting, voice-over, and commercial print areas. She is also a storyteller and writer. She appeared in several theatrical and film productions. Roles include a minister’s wife in BET’s Multitude of Mercies, North Capitol: the musical, reenactments of civil rights freedom riders, Sojourner Truth, Vagina Monologues, and numerous other projects. She also wrote, directed, produced, and performed a show entitled “Voices of Slave Women” adapted from actual transcripts of first-person slave narratives. She released her first poetry book entitled Acuity: Poems on Social Commentary and is developing plays focusing on women of color and their stories that are not widely known. She calls this project “Giving Voice”. 

When not performing, she is a social and environmental activist and a licensed attorney. She uses performance arts and storytelling as vehicles to foster greater awareness and discussion about social and environmental issues impacting diverse communities.

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